The Virtual Learning Center for Southern Africa (VLC-SFS) was established in January 2020 as a collaboration of the FAO sub-regional office for Southern Africa (FAO SFS) and the European commission for the control of foot and mouth disease (EuFMD). The Foot-and-Mouth Disease investigation training course for southern Africa (FITC-SADC) became the first course to run on the platform. The four-week course was very well received in the region and this attracted more courses on different topics and for different target audiences. 

Course identification and prioritization is guided by a training needs assessment. The primary focus is capacity building amongst veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals for them to be able to recognize, diagnose and control transboundary animal diseases in the region. The VLC-SFS is also active in supporting animal health networks in the region through hosting of meetings and workshops. The VLC SFS is also available to deliver training in other FAO areas of work that contribute to achieve the SDGs.

To find out more about the VLC SFS and the courses available in the region please contact: