Learner Testimonials

Learner testimonials 

The course development team and course tutors value the feedback from participants. Following course delivery, feedback is analysed by the  team in order the improve the learning experience for the future. 

Video testimonial

Description of video content.

Participant talks about their recent learning experience. 

Impact of training

We aim to meet the objectives of the VLC training courses to lead to regional improvement or to provide preparedness for disease outbreak. 

“I feel confident that if called upon in an AI outbreak, I can be a useful resource.” 

"Thank you very much for giving us such tremendous knowledge which we can now apply in our countries in case of an AI outbreak.”

Participants in the Avian Influenza Pilot course (2022)

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To explore the possibility of working together to create virtual learning content or to undertake training, please contact us at VLC-Global@fao.org.

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