Learner testimonials

The course development team and course tutors value feedback from participants. Following course delivery, feedback is analysed by the team in order to improve the learning experience for future trainees. 

The VLCs aim to meet the objectives of the training courses to lead to regional improvement or to provide preparedness for disease outbreaks. 

In 2022, a pilot avian influenza course was launched and attended by participants in all regions of the world. Feedback surveys were conducted, making the necessary changes to the course for its next iteration.

Here are some of the comments made by participants:

Preparedness for disease outbreak 

“I feel confident that if called upon during an avian influenza outbreak, I can be a useful resource.” 

"Thank you very much for giving us such tremendous knowledge, which we can now apply in our countries in case of an avian influenza outbreak.”


Course design 

“The best part of the course was the concept, as it was accessible! All the materials and topics were very informative and provided good overlapping puzzle pieces, which led to a clear picture at the end.”

“I really appreciated the interactive and visually interesting presentations. As a visual learner, the images helped me remember the facts so much more effectively.”

“The course itself was outstanding: the online component was clear, interactive and had the right mix of pictures and text.”


Connection and interaction

“I have come to appreciate the discussion forum more and more, because questions were asked, discussed and explained (by the tutors) in a way that continued and built on the modules.”

“I would like to thank FAO for organizing this very important training during the COVID-19 crisis.”


Learning experience

“Amazing course. Thanks for putting so much effort into creating an incredible learning experience.”

“A very engaging course with simplified delivery, yet very profound and professional insights.”

The virtual learning benefitted from the trainers’ hard work, and enabled them to share the best of their knowledge with us.”

“I thought it was one of the best online courses I have done.”

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