How we work

The power of instructional design

Online education is constantly evolving and there are a wide variety of learning approaches, methodologies and tools available to us. The VLCs aim to choose the most appropriate learning solution according to the individual needs of the learners and the specifics of the knowledge and skills to be developed. 

The courses are designed to be engaging, interactive and fun to study! This is why our team of instructional designers is so important. This globally-based team supports effective use of online learning technologies throughout the course development process, from the initial conceptualization, through to the needs assessment and the design of the learning materials and tools themselves.


Collaborative approach to course development

The VLCs follow a collaborative approach to create courses. The instructional design team works closely with subject matter experts and with those who best understand the learners’ individual needs throughout the course development process. Working hand in hand in this way ensures that the final product meets both the subject matter experts’ and learners’ expectations.


Course development relies on needs assessment

The development of any course requires an initial scoping phase to:

  • Assess training needs and regional priorities.
  • Map available resources.
  • Define the target audiences and understand the best modality for delivery, always taking into consideration trainees’ environment and access to connectivity and  learning devices.

Once the initial needs analysis is done, the best course modality will be selected, considering the course objectives, target audience and context. This includes the overall course modality and the modality of individual activities. We view the course development process as a cycle of constant learning and review and revise courses based on the feedback we receive from our learners.


Our virtual learning environment

The VLCs use a learning management system (LMS) called Moodle. This platform hosts all of our training courses and allows trainees to access a wide range of training resources. The LMS stores each individual learner’s progress through course activities and facilitates monitoring by course tutors who can then provide tailored support as needed.

Last modified: Friday, 26 January 2024, 5:35 PM