One Health Knowledge Nexus background


One Health is rapidly gaining momentum driven by the need to tackle collectively complex challenges that affect the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment. There is a growing interest in One Health and a rapidly growing body of knowledge and evidence. With the increasing amount of information available, there is a risk of cognitive information overload and people may struggle to find relevant information that fulfils their needs. Also, One Health actively promotes collective sharing and learning across sectors, disciplines, groups in society, and geographies to bring in different perspectives and make use of the knowledge of the many. Thus, we are generating a space where One Health interested people (e.g., professionals, researchers, practitoners, influencers) can come together in communities to share, generate, exchange, discuss and refine knowledge and evidence according to their needs and contexts. The aim is to establish a One Health Knowledge Nexus consisting of Communities of Practice, powered and governed by the Quadripartite, to share knowledge and evidence on One Health in support of the mainstreaming of One Health.

Communities of Practice

The Nexus builds a library of Communities of Practice that can operate individually or establish connections across different communities. Each community works on a specific topic that is relevant to the mainstreaming of One Health. They are bringing together people with knowledge on these topics from within and outside the Partner organisations. Each Community of Practice aims to advance One Health knowledge and practice and provides opportunities for: Open Access Resource for a wide audience Making use of knowledge integration and co-production of new knowledge Ensuring collective information use and learning Connecting with other activities and platforms 

Links to the wider Quadripartite One Health ecosystem and the One Health Joint Plan of Action

The One Health Knowledge Nexus forms part of wider QPT efforts on One Health, in particular the One Health Joint Plan of Action. It complements activities of the One Health High Level Expert panel and provides opportunities to link with other groups that focus on collating, synthesising, exploring, generating, interpreting and sharing knowledge and evidence on One Health.

Last modified: Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 11:30 AM